Saint-Saëns Violin Concertos


Saint-Saëns Violin Concertos

November 2010
Fanny Clamagirand, Violin
Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä
Patrick Gallois

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Violin Concertos No.3 in B minor, Op.61
- Allegro non troppo – 9:06
- Andantino quasi allegretto – 8:41
- Moltp moderato e maestoso – Allegro non troppo – 11:34

Violin Concertos No.1 in A major, Op.20
- Allegro – Andante  espressivo – Tempo 1 – 12:48

Violin Concertos No.2 in C major, Op.58
- Allegro moderato e maestoso – Cadenza – A tempo più allegro – 14:29
- Andante espressivo – 8:42
- Allegro scherzando quasi allegretto – 6:57

The Classical Review - February 2012
Guillemet On this recording she gives a sparkling account of all three Saint-Saëns violin concertos. Fanny Clamagirand not only has the virtuosic technique for these works but brings out the colour and texture. It is Saint-Saëns’ Third Violin Concerto that has remained in the repertoire yet the other two have much to offer ! If you already know the third then listen to the slow movement with its beautiful harmonic effects at the close to hear what a fine soloist this is. Throughout, Patrick Gallois and the Sinfonia Finlandia Jyvaskla give excellent support ! The recording, with the soloist set slightly forward is first rate ! Whilst there is also a fine recording of these three concertos, Clamagirand brings so much freshness to the music that this issue is well worth considering. 

Classica - February 2011
Guillemet  Fanny Clamagirand a bien compris qu’ici, la légéreté du ton, la fluidité, la variété des couleurs, un certain chic sont de rigueur. Par ailleurs, les traits brillants ne sont pas l’occasion de démonstrations de virtuosité. Ils sont techniquement parfaits certes, mais enlevés comme avec facilité et, dirait-on, un certain sourire. …Pour le violon comme pour l’orchestre, un grand disque.
Jacques Bonnaure 


Diapason  - Mars 2011
Guillemet  Sa vision habitée mais pudique et pleine d’allure accorde la primauté à la souplesse du dessin mélodique, avec cependant chaleur et relief. … Sa sensibilité, l’élégance de ses phrasés servent idéalement l’Andantino quasi allegretto du troisième concerto. Une page tendre et interrogative à souhait…
François Laurent 


The STRAD - February 2011
Guillemet  Clamagirand has a well-nourished tone with a powerful vibrato and fantastic depth, yet transparency of tone in higher registers. …it is a splendid new release.
David Milson


January 2011
Guillemet  …the performances given by violinist Fanny Clamagirand and the Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä under Patrick Gallois are each delivered with the equal amounts of precision, warmth, and vitality. Clamagirand’s playing in particular is extremely nimble and dazzling, something both Sarasate and Saint-Saëns would have been proud of.
Mike D. Brownell


November 2010
Guillemet  Clamagirand wins admiration for her pacing of the Third concerto where she refuses to make the usual dash through the finale. She has a fast vibrato which generates the ultra sweet tone required in the central Andantino, her Matteo Goffriller violin singing elegantly in the opening Allegro. Technically she is superb, her intonation so unfailingly accurate.
David Denton - December 2010
Guillemet  There are rarely heard beauties throughout this fine CD. …this is music that pleases and entices the ear and — in Clamagirand’s performance — offers plenty of style and beauty.


January 2011
Guillemet  Dass ihr Spiel dabei ein hohes Maß an Musikalität ausstrahlt, ist einer der ganz großen Pluspunkte; dass sie dies noch mit einem zwar warmen und häufig volltönend, aber dabei doch völlig unpathetischen, immer auf den Zusammenhalt mit dem Orchester bezogenen und bisweilen höchst differenzierungsfähig eingesetzten Violinton verbindet, verleiht ihrem Vortrag darüber hinaus eine Frische, die sich auf die gesamte Erscheinungsweise der Werke auswirkt.
Dr. Stefan Drees - January 2011
Guillemet  A New Year brings a new rising violin star : Clamagirand and Gallois’ Sinfonia Finlandia express those charms (delightful moments of virtuosic passages and attractive melodies) without any hint of condescension and a lyrical clarity that’s impossible to resist.
Net Radio


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